Continuing education seminars aimed at business organizations typically focus on the basics: improving sales, negotiating techniques and time management. What is most often missing from these “boot camp” tune-ups is practical information on what it means to be “dressed for success,” a term that’s been bandied about forever with little explained below the surface.

This is what my seminars do: uncover the hows and whys of bringing style to the meeting. Without exception, the feedback I have received from client companies is that dressing for success is overlooked as a key component in successful business negotiations.

Believe it or not, the choices we make in apparel are very important and can impact the subtle mental gymnastics occurring between parties in the boardroom. My seminars educate on the basics of building a wardrobe, the importance of fit, significance of color and its effect on the mood and tone of different negotiating scenarios. It gives participants essential tools on how to decode your own true style. My "recessionista" segment provides great tips on how to buy designer looks at bargain prices and shows how to mix and match pieces to maximize a wardrobe when traveling....pack light and pack right!

At the end of the day, I believe in what I do and deliver each seminar with passion that informs, educates and motivates. My goal is to give every working woman the ability to feel her best, no matter what age, size or shape she may be. By finding and presenting their ideal professional image women experience an increased confidence, are in a happier disposition and become more productive in business....the ultimate goal.
“Terri was a wonderful speaker at a Cisco Women in Channels forum. Her presentation style, her humor and her ability to get her message across in a positive way was welcomed to a crowd of 250 professional women. If you are looking for a presenter to deliver high impact in a crowd, Terri delivers!”

-Luanne Tierney,
Vice President Worldwide Partner Marketing at Cisco