These questions can arise at different times in a woman’s life. When transitioning to a new phase, whether going from campus to corporate, approaching a milestone birthday, or just in need of an updated appearance, your look and style should follow. This becomes very apparent when seeing someone in their late-40s sporting cut-offs and a tube top. ‘Nuff said.

What needs to be done is a closet intervention. This is not your Mom’s spring cleaning: it is a life-changing event that will exorcize those demons that have you holding onto 20 year-old pant suits. Terri Turco Golden can organize your closet so you can find everything in your wardrobe that fits your style and get rid of the things that should have been gone long ago. Terri will bring clarity to your closet with exciting new possibilities for your style by providing motivation, objectivity and professionalism as a stylist and fashion expert.

Terri has helped many to get organized, enhance a current look, or create a new style by using techniques that accentuate an individual's best features while minimizing others. What you really want is a closet that works for you and a style to call your own. Well, look no further because Terri Turco Golden can do just that, and you will actually enjoy the process and maybe even laugh along the way!
“Terri is the most positive, energetic person I have ever met. Watching her do her “thing” was amazing, I felt like I hit fast forward on my DVR. She executed her expert process of moving me from frumpy to stylish with such ease and efficiency that I was truly amazed. Since my ultimate makeover, I have gotten nothing but compliments from friends, family, co-workers and even strangers!

'I thought I would flop once I had to hit the store myself, but the way Terri transferred that knowledge really worked! Every time I had something (good or bad) in my hand at the store, I could hear exactly what she’d being telling me about why it should be in or out. I had a blast during the makeover and continue to benefit from everything she taught me!"

-Jennifer Johnson,
Director of Client Services & Application Development,
Counterpoint Systems